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Collection: Instant Patola Sari

~ A Timeless Heirloom adorned in 3 easy steps~

With your purchase, you're not just acquiring a stunning garment; you're also safeguarding a centuries-old tradition. The art of weaving the Gujarati Patola Sari has been perfected over 900 years by skilled artisans, who now face challenges in a world where mass-produced designs prevail. Your support ensures the sustainability and preservation of this beautiful art form for generations to come.

We've crafted our Instant Patola Sari as a symbol of heritage and elegance, designed to be worn effortlessly. Gone are the days of struggling to drape a sari; now, in just three simple steps, you can adorn yourself in the regal beauty of tradition. Whether it's for Diwali, weddings, religious ceremonies, or any other special occasion, our sari allows you to embody grace and tradition with ease.

As we unveil our creation after a year of meticulous craftsmanship, we hope it brings you joy and pride. Welcome to the world of Instant Patola Sari, where timeless elegance meets modern convenience.

“Draping a sari is an art that I feel like I will never master! Any time I wanted to wear a sari, I NEEDED my mom to be there. There were so many occasions where I wanted to wear a Traditional Sari: Diwali and other festivals, wedding ceremonies, poojas, Grah Shantis, traditional Gujarati Baby Showers, temple events, and the list goes on… I wanted to come up with a traditional sari design that I could instantly wear and feel royal in!”

-Shivani Patel

Shipping time: In due respect for the artisans crafting The Instant Patola Sari, 

please allow a minimum of 12-14 weeks for shipping.

~Coming Soon~

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